Wonder Called Salvation

Anytime I think of the salvation story, I’m still in awe-struck of the beauty of how my life has been changed from the inside out.


We need to understand the reason why Salvation came to everyone.

The Bible states that all of humanity have sinned, as result, all of us have fallen short of the great glory of God (Romans 3:16). Our state of fallenness has made us very far from God’s presence, therefore evil and all other malicious happenings around today came into existence and eternal separation from God in hell was guaranteed for everyone.

Jesus coming to this planet made salvation (deliverance from evil and hell) possible (John 10:10, Romans 6:23). This salvation from the bondage of sin, sickness, addiction, hurtful and painful past, self-inflicted dangers and all forms of evil is totally a free gift that you can’t work for or earn. JESUS WORKED FOR IT. It’s also permanent and eternal. IT IS CALLED GRACE

Even if you are a porn addict you’re loved, if you’re an ex-convict you’re cared for. Jesus died for the LGBT, every race, language, and tribe.

Salvation is for everyone.



Published by

Mosadoluwa Hezekiah

Passionate follower of my Savior Jesus Christ, Soccer fan, a Golden Warrior fan, blogger and many more.....

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