Occupy All Street

We live in a society where the duties of a believer has become a “Sunday best” thing, boxing it to the four corners of the church building.

I stand to believe that this is antithetical to what Jesus calls us and what we’re required to do.

First Jesus called us by grace to be light in this dark and fallen world (Matthew 5:14). As light in this dark and vile world, we are to bring the illumination of Christ Jesus to everyone to see and believe.

Second we are called to be salt (Matthew 5:13). As we salt we are spice and taste to dryness and tastlessness in the world. Also, salt makes people thirsty, we’re called to make people long for our God. 

In addition we’re called to represent Jesus in this world bring people to his kingdom.

To occupy all street, we’re to be involved in every industry and sector. From the street to government, entertainment, sports,  fashion,  etc.  Our presence in this areas of life will show Jesus love for all of humanity because we’re recipient of this love. 

Occupy all street for Jesus’ glory.


Published by

Mosadoluwa Hezekiah

Passionate follower of my Savior Jesus Christ, Soccer fan, a Golden Warrior fan, blogger and many more.....

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