No More Fear

We live in a world that’s full of chaos economically, socially, morally and even spiritually.

The more people set their mind on the things that they see with their physical eyes, the more fear and worry creep into their lives stealing their joy and hope.

How do we overcome fear in our world?

The secret to overcoming our fear, we have set our eyes on things not seen (physical, economical and social) but on the Lord Jesus.

Jesus told us in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Therefore, all we need to do as believers is to put our trust in Jesus even when our fear overwhelms us. Why? Jesus is in control.

Trust in God. Trust in Jesus (John 14:1).


Living Beyond Now

Eternity has been discussed as life after death.  Though this is true, but I believe that eternal life doesn’t just start after death; the journey of  eternity begins here on earth.

The destination for eternity is spanned between two unique and distinct places called Hell and Heaven. 

The truth that both places is going to be full of people is undeniable. But how do I determine where I spend eternity? Getting to Heaven is not dependant on your work but your choice, so also is hell. 

The Bible in Romans 6:23 informs us of sin and its repercussions. The penalty for sin is death (eternal separation in Hell) and God’s free gift brings eternal life in Heaven. 

The reason people would be in Hell is because of their choice of not accepting who Jesus is and his work on the Cross, rejecting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

Jesus laid down his life paying for the  sin separating us from getting to Heaven. All we need to do us just to put our trust in Jesus.

Occupy All Street

We live in a society where the duties of a believer has become a “Sunday best” thing, boxing it to the four corners of the church building.

I stand to believe that this is antithetical to what Jesus calls us and what we’re required to do.

First Jesus called us by grace to be light in this dark and fallen world (Matthew 5:14). As light in this dark and vile world, we are to bring the illumination of Christ Jesus to everyone to see and believe.

Second we are called to be salt (Matthew 5:13). As we salt we are spice and taste to dryness and tastlessness in the world. Also, salt makes people thirsty, we’re called to make people long for our God. 

In addition we’re called to represent Jesus in this world bring people to his kingdom.

To occupy all street, we’re to be involved in every industry and sector. From the street to government, entertainment, sports,  fashion,  etc.  Our presence in this areas of life will show Jesus love for all of humanity because we’re recipient of this love. 

Occupy all street for Jesus’ glory.

Wonder Called Salvation

Anytime I think of the salvation story, I’m still in awe-struck of the beauty of how my life has been changed from the inside out.


We need to understand the reason why Salvation came to everyone.

The Bible states that all of humanity have sinned, as result, all of us have fallen short of the great glory of God (Romans 3:16). Our state of fallenness has made us very far from God’s presence, therefore evil and all other malicious happenings around today came into existence and eternal separation from God in hell was guaranteed for everyone.

Jesus coming to this planet made salvation (deliverance from evil and hell) possible (John 10:10, Romans 6:23). This salvation from the bondage of sin, sickness, addiction, hurtful and painful past, self-inflicted dangers and all forms of evil is totally a free gift that you can’t work for or earn. JESUS WORKED FOR IT. It’s also permanent and eternal. IT IS CALLED GRACE

Even if you are a porn addict you’re loved, if you’re an ex-convict you’re cared for. Jesus died for the LGBT, every race, language, and tribe.

Salvation is for everyone.


Security AND Perfection


The beauty of trusting and following Jesus Christ is that your perfection, blessing and eternity is already secure in the arms of God.

First, what is security? The simple answer is that it is the safety from danger of any kind.

To this, we know that a believer is safe from all form of dangers to the blessing, righteousness, holiness and eternity that has given by grace to the believers in Jesus. This isn’t based on your work but in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is perfect, righteous, holy and eternal.

John 10:28 “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” Jesus promised us (Christians) that no damage can snatch us from His hand; not the devil, self, and all other forces can take us out from God’s love and perfection.

Jesus promised everyone who trusts in him eternal life (John 3:16). The assurance of eternal life is secure once and for all time because Jesus has paid for it with his blood.

Therefore, don’t believe anyone who scares you with losing the free gift God has given to you.

Fear is the only weapon of the devil, it can only be defeated through faith in Jesus.

Argument Against God’s Existence. Part 3.

Today we are continuing the discussion of the argument many people have raised against the existence of a super-natural being called God.

You can also read Argument Against God’s Existence. Part 1 and Argument Against God’s Existence. Part 2., if this your first time on this blog.


The centre of our talk today would be set on the argument from incomparable attributes. This argument attempt to show that some ideas about God are illogically contradictory, therefore it’s impossible for a being to have both opposite attributes. An example of this would be a God that is rich and plentiful in mercy, and yet is just to punish every sin and wrong doings; since mercy is a suspension of justice, therefore God can’t exist.

Some other examples:

  • If God, then he is immutable (unchanging, fixed and inflexible).
  • If God exist, then he can have emotion,.
  • An immutable being cannot be affected by events.
  • To have emotion, it is impossible for a being to be affected by events,. Hence, immutable beings can’t have emotions.
  • Therefore it’s impossible for a God with emotions to exist.


It’s illogical to think that a God that’s not bound by time and space can’t be immutable and emotional.

For everything that exist there’s a cause, therefore for that cause to exist there must be a cause that causes it to exist. Since man and this planet is not eternal and it does not have its own cause, then the cause of things must be God who is eternal in his essence.

God therefore must be eternal, omnipotent and omniscience. If must omnipotence means ability to do powerful and unlimited things that’s beyond human comprehension, then God have both immutability and emotions.

Second mercy and justice:

Some do say that God can’t exist because it’s impossible for him to be merciful and yet give justice, since justice is the suspension of mercy.


If omnipotence means doing beyond the ordinary, it means doing beyond the ordinary. Let’s take the moral argument for example, everyone on this planets civilized and uncivilized have a form of morality. Even when the moral law is broken, justice is given for the wrong deed, but many a time even among humans we see mercy been exercised even when the wrong deed is done e.g pardoning your cheating spouse (though not many people do this, but some), forgiving some that offended you, etc. this is a form of mercy exercised by everyone.

Therefore, since moral law did not originate from man, it must be from a supernatural law giver who happens to be God. If humans can given mercy and justice to fellow humans, how much the creator of the universe himself – GOD.

It’s important to know that many of the argument against God existence can’t stand the test of knowledge.

Therefore, GOD is ALIVE.


Feel free to give your comments and opinion with respect.

The Jesus’ Message


The awesomeness of who God is, what he claims to be and what he’s doing in the world can be fully understood through the lens of the life and death of Jesus. His message and action speak volume of who God claims to be.

John 6:8 “ For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me”. This sets a premise for who and what Jesus is all about.

Back to the topic, what really is the Jesus’ Message to the world?

John 3: 15-17  informs us that the person and message of Jesus is love.

Jesus brought grace and truth to save the lost, heal the sick, bind up the brokenhearted and set at liberty those who are in addiction.

Jesus never came to condemn the world, in fact, condemnation is an antithesis of the person and message He brought to the universe. John 3:17 “ For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

The Message of Jesus is one that cares for us as sheep in his pasture (John 10:27-30). His message brings redemption and justification to all who believes in him. (Colossaians 1:14, Romans 3:24).

By Jesus’ grace, we’re eternally loved, cared for and adored by God our Creator.

This message is for everyone, no matter your race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. You’re loved by Jesus.

The Jesus’ Message is Love.